Persistence for the best taste and quality

Chamgim (Porphyra tenera Kjellman)

After continuous research and tests on each types of seaweed in search of the best raw seaweed,

we came to the conclusion that pure ‘Chamgim’ that is not mixed and has been harvested at the right time is most adequate.

Supreme Sushinori
Contemplation on the raw seaweed ‘Chamgim’

Our contemplation for better raw seaweed and the best taste and quality has been ongoing.

After many tests, we chose pure, unmixed ‘Chamgim’,

Full-grown raw seaweed ‘Chamgim’ from early January to the end of April,

And succeeded in making a sushinori that is precisely cut in 2.5mm,
is thin, does not pop and isn’t too tough.

Garimi seaweed completes your perfect meal

From the moment it enters your mouth, until you swallow it down

Garimi’s ‘Chamgim’ makes every moment of your meal perfect.