(Porphyra tenera Kjellman)

Delicate and delicious mouthfeel. Black color with a nice shine

Garimi’s seaweed, made of ‘Chamgim’ the most adequate raw seaweed for sushinori, has its unique excellent flavor.

None of the sea’s rich nutrients lost

In the way of nature, from the sea that is the foundation of life.

To create the best seaweed that is rich in nutrients of the sea, natural ‘Chamgim’ spores are used

and ‘Chamgim’ is carefully grown in the Korean traditional way from January to April.

The beauty of slow growth

The most adequate period of growth: 12-15 days

We consider the time of growth, weather and water temperature to select
and harvest high-quality ‘Chamgim’ in the most preferable condition that is 14~15cm in length and 5~12cm in width.

The uncontaminated sea of Korea’s southern coast

Wando, a peaceful and quiet island in the uncontaminated southern coast of Korea, only inhabited by a few, where the salty and deep scent of the sea wafts through the air. Garimi insists on ‘Chamgim’ harvested in the uncontaminated southern coast.

Roasted seaweed Carefully roasted seaweed

Seasoned seaweed Widely enjoyed seasoned seaweed

Dried seaweed Traditional flavored and scented dried seaweed