Safe and Clean

Hygienic high-tech automatic system

We strictly manage the entire manufacturing process from storing the raw material, removing salt and foreign substances, dehydrating, cutting, drying and etc. And with a state-of-the-art automatic remote system, we produce hygienic and safe products.

We also go through a meticulous checking procedure in the packing and shipping process to do our best in maintaining the best quality

Garimi’s Manufacturing Procedure

Take a look at our entire procedure from harvesting raw seaweed to manufacturing

  • 01

    Harvesting Raw Seaweed (Chamgim)

    Natural ‘Chamgim’ spores are grown from December to April in the uncontaminated sea of the southern coast and harvested in the best condition

    (*Approximately 14-15cm in length, 5-12cm in width)

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  • 02

    Auctioning Raw Seaweed

    On the day that the raw seaweed is harvested, we go to the site to meticulously check the quality by seeing and feeling the raw seaweed firsthand and pick out the best raw seaweed.

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  • 03

    Storing and Washing

    We quickly move the fresh raw seaweed harvested from the sea to our large stainless water tank, and store it to eliminate the possibility of contamination and to retain the nutrients and quality

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  • 04

    Initial Process

    We safely wash the seaweed with 100% tap water and not with underground water that is susceptible to contamination.

    We finely cut the washed raw seaweed and repeat the washing and dehydrating procedures to remove salt and foreign substances.

    (*Our tap water is the safest water that is strictly managed under the Water Supply and Waterworks Installation Act)

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  • 05

    Shaping and Drying

    We shape the seaweed evenly in the most adequate thickness for sushinori, preventing it from tearing easily or being too tough, and slowly dry it.

    (about 9% water content)

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  • 06

    Secondary Processing

    Garimi products are not confined to dried and roasted seaweed, but through secondary processing we also produce traditional seasoned seaweed and seaweed products of unique flavor such as habanero, wasabi, pine nut seaweed

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  • 07

    Checking and Packing

    We meticulously check the end product for metal and foreign substance residue, and then carefully pack the product.

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  • 08

    Shipping and Storing

    We ship or store the end product.

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