Garimi, Specialized Sushinori Manufacturer

Garimi Co., Ltd. is a specialized sushinori manufacturer that focuses on the mass production

designed, state-of-the-art system. Garimi holds a high competitiveness in terms of quality and price because we are capable of performing every step of the seaweed manufacturing process except for harvesting, including manufacturing dried seaweed, storing, secondary drying, processing sushinori, exporting and distributing.

Garimi is continuously growing in the market with all of its products well-received at home and abroad in Europe, Asia, North and South America and etc. for their outstanding taste and scent, and delicate mouthfeel.

Your Global Partner that Leads the Export of Laver

Garimi’s sushinori has been acknowledged for its outstanding value and it is exported to not only Japan, the home of sushi, but also Europe, the American continent and so forth. Especially, our high-quality dried seaweed product is exported to overseas as the raw material for seaweed snacks.

With continuous research and strict quality management, Garimi will become a global partner that constantly earns your trust.

Garimi’s 3 management philosophy for sustainable growth

True entrepreneurship that everyone knows but struggles to keep.

Garimi will become a company that is always trusted by the customer by establishing our foundation with a ‘sincere, diligent and responsible’ attitude.

  • Sincerity

    “More profit comes from honesty than from hypocrisy”

  • Diligence

    “The habit of trying our best all the time will develop ourselves and the company”

  • Responsibility

    “We should always have the will to fulfill our duties any time”

Garimi’s promise to bring health and happiness

We will make food that everyone can eat with no concern.

We will do our best to bring you health and happiness.

We will be honest and transparent in places where we cannot be seen.

We will work as hard as ever to provide you with the best quality.